December 1, 2017

Blue Ox Introduces A light weight Aluminum Towbar

By: Rob Lowe

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Blue Ox recently introduced the Ascent® Towbar made from aircraft grade aluminum weighing in at just 31 pounds (14 kg). It is finished in a beautiful Diamond Vogel metallic powder coat and features premium Gold ‘Blue Ox’ lettering. The towbar has 2” (5 cm) longer legs which have the patented non-binding latches that were first introduced with the Avail® towbar. It also shares with the Avail® the elimination of the traditional centering pin, making it easy to stow.
As with almost all Blue Ox towbars, it includes the offset triple lugs that make hooking up easy especially when combined with the fact that this bar will hold its position to make it even easier to hookup.The arms are covered in the ribbed rubber protection sleeves that keep dirt and debris off the sliding arm assembly. Safety cables are included. The Ascent® is a Class III towbar rated at 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg) which makes it ideal for towing any car or smaller SUV. The Ascent® is available to fit a 2”(5cm) receiver (Model BX4370) or one to fit a 2.5” (6.3cm) receiver (Model BX4375). The Blue Ox Ascent® has a 3 year warranty.Check out our Towing Pages for more information and pricing.


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