January 2, 2015

We've Written a Book on L.E.D.'s: The ABCs of L.E.D.s

By: Rob Lowe

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Happy New Year and safe travels in 2015.

We’ve got great news for those who are looking at converting their RV to L.E.D. lighting this year. Our second book: The ABC’s of L.E.D.s has just been released as an E-Book. This allows you to download your own copy without going to the store and you can read it even while doing the conversion of the light fixtures to L.E.D. 

The ABCs of L.E.Ds is the world's first book that covers the complete spectrum of converting a RV to L.E.D. lighting. Topics include:

  • Bulb selection

  • Color choices

  • Features of L.E.D.s

  • Benefits of converting to L.E.D. lighting in a trailer or motorized RV (Motorhome)

  • Step-by-step installations instructions for popular fixtures

  • Numerous detailed photos that cover many replacement installations

    For less than the cost of a typical L.E.D. bulb, you have the experience of a Pro who has completed 100's of replacements and assisted RV owners with L.E.D. bulb conversions since 2005 (before white L.E.D. bulbs were available!)       

Here is a couple of pages to give you a flavor for the content and style: View Sample


Here is the link to the E-Book page:   Buy Now 

We hope you enjoy the book and come back to check out the L.E.D. pages on our website. 


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