Canadian Prices

Canadian Prices reflect an Exchange rate at Par with the US dollar and include brokerage, handling and others costs involved in importing US products into Canada, where applicable. This may mean that the Canadian price is above the US price. Should the Canadian Dollar decline in value in terms of the US Dollar, we reserve the right to adjust prices at the time of sale to reflect the Currency Exchange Rate. Should a Price Adjustment be required, we will contact you to inform you of the adjusted price and seek your approval, prior to processing the order. We do our best to minimize this differential however many charges are outside of our control. Canadian Taxes are additional for orders destined for Canada.

Before you Order, Please Note the following

Orders on the CDN Currency Store are in Canadian Dollars and must be shipped to a Canadian Address. Orders on the US Currency Store are in US Dollars and must be shipped to a US Address. Non-North American Orders should be placed on the Canadian Store however they may be subject to additional charges, depending upon exchange rates, shipping and handling charges or other charges outside of our direct control which are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Some Non-North American orders may not be able to be processed online. These orders can be placed by email or telephone and will be processed manually. Orders may be subject to minimum order quantities or sizes. Some products may be drop shipped from the supplier or manufacturer and may be subject to an additional charge. You will be informed of this charge when you place your order, or within two to three business days of ordering, before the order is processed. E-Books are processed through a third party and most will be processed using PayPal in US Currency. Canadian based E-Book buyers will be charged the GST (currently 5% of the price) on those orders. If you do not have a PayPal Account, contact us with another method of payment and the order will be processed manually.

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and process these cards using a secure Credit Card Processing service in real time on the internet. You must provide the actual billing address that shows on your credit card bill and it will be verified by your credit card issuer. You must also supply the CVV (Card Verification Value) shown on the back of the card near the signature area. Should either the CVV or the AVS (Address Verification Service) not match with what has been submitted, then we will contact you, however we reserve the right to cancel the order.  Online orders will not be processed if, in our opinion, the credit card information provided does not match with the information provided by the card holder to the card issuer. or if we do not receive  confirmation that the information provided is correct. We require a daytime telephone number and an email address on all orders. Please provide a daytime telephone number on the order form (and your time zone in the comments section of the form), so that we can contact you if required. US Customers may see an "international charge” levied by Visa or MasterCard on their Statement. Contact them directly to have it removed, there should not be any reason for this charge for orders processed in North America.

Return Policy

All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number (RAN) which we will provide when a return is authorized. Electronic and Electrical Products and any unsealed, plastic encased products cannot be returned. E-Books sales are final and will not be refunded. Should there be an issue downloading an E-Book, contact us for a solution. Other products may be returned provided that the Supplier will accept them back. In all cases the customer must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN) PRIOR to sending the product back. We may provide an alternative address where the returned product should be shipped. This address will be provided at the time the RAN is sent. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer. We reserve the right to refuse any return if the return request is over 30 days from the date of the original order. Returns are subject to a 15% administration fee and no credit will be given for the shipping and handling fee charged when the product was first ordered and shipped. Returns of orders that were paid for using a credit card will have a credit applied to the same credit card. Those paid by check will receive a credit note and a check for the amount of the return, provided the original payment check has cleared all banks.

Minimum Shipping and Handling Charge

$12.00 US for orders shipped from the USA

$26.00 CDN for orders shipped from Canada.

Actual Shipping and Handling charges will be dependent upon the order, the method of shipment and the location of the supplier. Should the order need to cross the border between Canada and the United States, we will prepare the required Customs Declaration forms and enclose them with the shipment. Most small orders are shipped by Canada Post in Canada. If the order is being sent to a US destination, we will ship by Canada Post which will deliver it to the United States Postal Service.  This method of shipment usually does not add any additional charges to the recipient at delivery.