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Protect All makes some of the best RV cleaners, waxes and protectants on the market.  Since it is not possible to ship these products to the US and distribution within Canada has changed, we carry only the Slide-Out products. These can be shipped within Canada only. 

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Slide Dry Lube and Industrial Grade Rust Protector

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This lubricant comes out of the aircraft industry and works wonders on RV slide out tracks. It is applied directly to the geared tracks on slide-outs, leaving a dry non-stick surface that provides superior rust protection and lubrication without attracting dirt. (not for use on hydraulic ram equipped slide-outs)  See Note above regarding Shipping.

16 oz. (473 ml) 

Slide Rubber Seal Treatment

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This easy to apply foam sprays on to the slide out rubber seals, wipers and dust seals on the sides, top and bottom of the slide out box. It provided superior lubrication and UV protection, sheds water and is an anti-static film that keeps the seals supple for months. It also is excellent for the seals around storage compartment bin and entry doors. See Note above regarding Shipping.

16 oz.