EasyStartTM 364 Soft Starter


Start an Air Conditioner (AC) on just 2,000 watts of power!

Allows 2 ACs to run on 30 Amp RV/Boat Power

By Ramping up the Starting of the compressor it Reduces Starting Load
Gently starts the ACs' Compressor: Reduces Noise, Vibration and Power needed
2 Models which Support up to 36,000 BTU (3 Ton) Air Conditioner Compressors

Specialized Fault Checks not found in any other Soft Starter

Unique Water Resistant & UV Protected Enclosure 

EasyStart Spec's

Two Models Available:

RV & Most Marine: ASY-364-X20-IP

Heavy Duty Marine: ASY-364-X36-IP

CALL 877-266-5398 to Place An Order


RV & Most Marine Applications: ASY-364-X20-IP  $299 US
Heavy Duty Marine: ASY-364-X36-IP: Call for Pricing US 

RV & Most Marine Applications: ASY-364-X20-IP $469 CDN
Heavy Duty Marine: ASY-364-X36-IP: Call for Pricing CDN

Limited Stock Available. Call to check stock
Orders will be shipped within 24 hours, if in stock! 

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Horst Miracle Probes Installation

Horst Probes

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Black and Grey water holding tank sensors

Prevents False Level Readings
Teflon Coated Sensors
Simply Replace 4 existing Holding Tank Sensors
Uses Existing Monitor & Wiring

Note: The Newest Grey Tank Probe uses a copper conductor & No Ring at the end. It looks like the Black tank Probe without the "roof" of Teflon.

Sold in packages of 4

Note: No Longer in Stock

Black Water Sensors  
Gray Water Sensors  

Black Water Sensors 
Gray Water Sensors  

Horst Miracle Probes Installation

Click this Info Button For the Horst Miracle Probe Installation Instructions 


Click on INFO icon to learn more about Horst Miracle Probes and some installation information and hints contained in the following Tech Tips

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Pleated Shade First Aid Kit

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First Aid for your Blinds
Repair up to 5 shades with this single kit        
Keep the kit in your RV for emergencies
Instructions included

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$19 US      $21 CDN 

Click on INFO icon to learn more about Pleated Day Night Shades, and how to adjust and repair them in the following Tech Tip. In addition check out our Sept. 23,2015 Blog article on Restringing Blinds.

Click here to see Corrosion Block BrochureTip #49



Tire Pressure Monitors

Tire Pressure IndicatorTire Pressure Monitor Cap Installed

Tire Pressure Monitor Caps by Quick Pressure™ are precision tire pressure monitor caps or tire pressure indicator caps that make it easy for drivers to check tire pressure at a glance without a gauge. These monitors indicate when tires are under-inflated by as little as 10 percent. All TPMC's are sold individually and are available in the following Pressure Ranges: 26 to 40 PSI (179 to 276 kPa) in 2 PSI (14 kPa) increments. 45 to 120 PSI (310 to 827 kPa) in 5 PSA (34 kPa) increments, plus 130 PSI (896 kPa). 


ü Great for Trailers, Cars, RV’s, ATV’s, Motorcycles and vehicles without tire pressure monitoring systems!


Instantly indicates Tire Pressure State

Simply remove valve cap and install the Tire Pressure Monitor

Shows when tire pressure has dropped 10% or more

All welded, high quality construction

Priced Individually

Note: No Longer in Stock                                                                                                      

TPM Showing Pressure LossInflate tire to specified cold tire pressure. Install Tire Pressure Monitor.

If Pressure drops 10% from Cold Tire Pressure, window will display Green & Red 

When Tire Pressure is 25% below Cold Tire Pressure, window will display Red


Click Here for Installation & Usage Instructions



 Kwik BanditTM  

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The Kwik Bandit is easy to use: Simply stretch it out, wrap it around the item you want to secure and lock one of the balls along its length into the pocket on the other end. "Stretch, Wrap, Lock.” What could be easier?


Here is a YouTube video that shows you how to use it: https://youtu.be/rHCXk7rHtVU


RV Starter Kit Includes:
  •         8-8"(20cm) Mini,
  •         4-14"(36cm) Standard,
  •         2-24"(61cm) Heavy Duty ties. 
Note: Photo shown is for the HD RV Kit which includes some versions with an included orange locking pin) 
 Here is Blog Article that gives you more information Click Here 

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$29 US      $37.95 CDN

 Headlight On Reminder

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Eliminate leaving your lights on when you turn off the key
Simple to install Tone Reminder
Also useful as a turn signal reminder

Note: Product may differ from that shown in photo, please specify application when ordering.

No Longer Available