November 21, 2020

2021 Bounder 33C An Initial Review: Part 1 of 2

By: Rob Lowe

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This article follows up on the three-part Blog articles I published in October that led us to order our 2021 Bounder 33C. We’ll give you some quick impressions, some things we like, some we don’t and in a future Blog posting, we’ll give you a list of improvements and tweaks we made to customize the coach to our specific requirements. I’ll also address some shortcomings that the REV Group could make as the models continue to roll off the assembly line.


Let us look at the exterior and interior of the coach:

(NOTE: Although this blog was written, and photos taken, after we took delivery of our coach, it highlights some of the reasoning that we made towards our decision and it is instructive in understanding our buying process, thus they are included at this point in this Blog article.)


Exterior Paint Scheme:

2021 Bounder 33CWhen we ordered this coach, we did not have a 2021 brochure or pictures of what the new exterior paint scheme would look like. We talked to our dealer’s regional REV group representative and got his take on the new exterior paint scheme and some of the changes in options and features being introduced in the model year. We learned that 2021 was the thirty-fifth (35th) year of Bounder and that there would be some items that would be included on a 35th Anniversary Edition. We were not told at that point what these might be; we elected to forgo those special features, to facilitate the production of our coach and expedite delivery in the Fall of 2020. We wanted the upper part of the coach to be a light color and had chosen the 2020 Pacific paint scheme. We learned that the paint scheme was being updated and would be a ‘cleaner’ look with a brighter blue accent which apparently was eye catching and quite attractive. Having traded in a coach that always brought the comment from onlookers "What a pretty coach”, we knew that the exterior choice has a lot to do with your initial and overall impression. We selected the updated ‘unknown to us’ new paint scheme, and we selected the Oceanview interior trim and the Cappuccino wood cabinetry, which was not the combination that the interior selector recommended. We liked the effect that it gave and felt that being a little different, it would be eye-catching.


Interior Trim and Decorative Features:

Fridge & Feature WallThe interior options included the Expandable Sofa, the Washer/Dryer combo, and the Cooktop (without oven). We did NOT order the Drop-Down Bed, electing to have more storage up front in the overhead cabinets. The interior includes as standard equipment an electric fireplace with a flat screen TV mounted above, that could be moved in various directions for easy viewing. This TV included a separate sound bar mounted below it. This area was decorated with a different color paneling and cabinet trim, making a distinctive and decorative feature wall opposite the sofa. This mimics the latest styling in high-end homes.

Large Window WallOne interior feature that we really wanted and like is the long narrow window over the kitchen counter. It lets lot of light in, which brightened the mid coach area and allows a good view over the patio area.

The residential refrigerator grew on us as we used this coach. We’ve never been dissatisfied with the four door Norcold that we converted to a compressor type on our previous coach. Having a refrigerator of this size and type means that we basically move everything from our similar sized home refrigerator to our RV when preparing to travel and then reverse the process when returning home. This simplified trip preparation and planning. One question we have about the Bounder’s refrigerator is: Why is it mounted so high? There is a step up from floor level that makes it awkward to reach items on the upper shelves, especially if the item is near the back. We’ll likely learn the planners thinking on this, as we use the coach.

We ordered every exterior option, then submitted our order in the middle of May, 2020, knowing that there was limited space in the assembly line schedule. The reason was that the production line schedule was already filled with orders for coaches destined to be displayed at the Hershey 'America's Largest' RV Show in early September and the late September Elkhart Dealer’s Open House. Typically, customer sold orders take priority, however these show coaches are processed as "Sold Orders” to ensure they are ready for the displays at the shows. After the mandated COVID-19 assembly line shutdown, time was of the essence. We had a single day to make our decision on everything and place our order! No pressure!!!!

Rear of 2021 Bounder Then the wait began. Fortunately, we learned about a month later, that the Hershey RV Show was cancelled and shortly afterwards, that the Elkhart Dealer Open House went virtual, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. This provided a window for our coach to be built in late July, rather than a month later, as had been expected. Our Bounder was officially completed and off the line on Friday, July 31st (oh boy, a Friday Coach!). It would take about two weeks to be shipped across the border and it arrived at our dealer’s facility in mid August. Given the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols for service, our delivery was planned for August 28th.


Our Bounder Arrives:

The coach looked great and it was the first 2021 Bounder to arrive at this dealership. Everyone remarked favorably on the striking exterior paint treatment and amazingly, the interior wood color choice. Typically, dealership personnel follow the maker’s guidelines for the interior, wood trim and exterior combinations and ours was different. It created quite a buzz and I’m sure, others will be ordered to match our selection. The predominant Blue stripe was a little much for my wife (she thought that it would be lighter and smaller) while almost everyone else thought that the exterior color scheme was attractive. (Interestingly, the 2021 Bounder Brochure and Website picture features the same exterior scheme).


Our Drive Home:

This coach has a front engine, which after seventeen (17) years of travelling in a diesel pusher, reminded us that the engine makes its presence known, when beside you. Surprisingly, the coach had ample power, much lower in the rev range providing good acceleration and performance. The ride on the road was much improved over that of other gas rigs that I have driven in the past. The new chassis and engine provide marked improvements in ride, handling and performance. 

Here is a link to more information on the new Ford 7.3L V8 engine: https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/a26306469/ford-super-duty-73-v8-engine-details-specs/


To Be Continued in Part 2



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