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The ABCs of L.E.D.s

The ABC's of L.E.D.s is the world’s first book that covers the complete spectrum of converting a RV to L.E.D. Lighting. It is an E-Book offered in a PDF format readable on Smartphones, all computers and many E-Readers. Topics include the bulb selection, color, features and benefits of converting to L.E.D. lighting. The best part is that the author provides step-by-step installation instructions with many detailed photos to cover the installation process. For less than the price of a replacement bulb, you have the experience of a Pro.

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"All The Stuff You Need to Know About RVing"

This book is written for all kinds of RVers. It's great for:

1) First-time buyers - those totally new to RVing.  The information is specifically directed at camping "on wheels."

2) Experienced RVers who want to get into a larger or different type of RV.

Most of the information is usable in virtually every RV.  We have included nearly 500 ideas and suggestions and over 150 photos on topics including:

  • How to drive
  • How to pack
  • How to live
  • How to hook up
  • How to unhook
  • How to live without hooking up
  • How to dump
  • How to maintain
  • Inside stuff
  • Outside stuff
  • Extra stuff you can buy
  • Safety stuff
  • Border crossing stuff
  • Even how to get it home the first time!

 Some suggestions are quick and easy.  Some are lengthy and expensive.  Some are applicable to virtually every camper on wheels.  Some are very specific. Retail Price: $24.95 US

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