Quality LED Accent Strip Lighting

Posted on May 3, 2016

If you have been patiently waiting for Quality, LED Strip Lighting to accent the exterior of your RV, then now is the time to buy. We have UL52 Listed Strip lighting in Blue, Cool White and Warm White colors in 120" (3m) to 196" (5m) lengths. (Not all sizes are available in all colors). They have a black background which blends nicely with the commonly used black awning and slide-topper covers, they are waterproof and use a superior type of 3M adhesive for long lasting adhesion. In addition, we have Remote Controls that use a key-fob sized Remote to control the brightness as well as turning them on and off. Check out our Tech Tip #90 for more information and then read more under our 'Products' tab in the 'LED Lighting' section and the Gold hotlink in the first paragraph.  

Quick Pressure Tire Pressure Monitors

Posted on May 3, 2016

Let's face it, the best way to check tire pressures is with an electronic monitor that gives real time pressure information. The second best way is with a tire pressure gauge on the valve stem.  If you have a Trailer, RV, Car, Truck or Motorcycle without an electronic monitor, then the Quick Pressure Tire Pressure Monitors are a great way to 'keep an eye' on tire pressure. These units are simply screwed onto the valve stem and provide a Green/Good or Red/Danger indication of the tire's pressure. Nothing can be simpler. Would you invest $5 to $8 US / $7 to $11 CDN per tire for this safety? Check out our selection under the 'Horst Probes and Accessories' section under our 'Products' tab   

LED Video is now OnLine

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

RV Parts Plus is pleased to present an informative video that helps RVers understand the difference between the light output of a bulb (measured in lumens) and the actual light output in a room or area (measured in Lux or Foot-Candles). What amazed us is the vast difference between the lumens rating of various bulbs and the actual light available once installed in a RV light fixture and shining through the glass cover. Watch this short video and see the difference. Check out our Blog as we delve into the reasons for the difference.   RV Parts Plus offers high quality Gold Stars LED replacement light bulbs suitable for all RV interior applications and UL52 Listed accent strip lighting for exterior applications. 

Rob's New Travel Blog

Posted on Sep 30, 2015

Rob & Jane's RV Travel Blog

The RV Adventures of Rob and Jane detail trips, we have taken in our 40 foot motorhome. The first to be documented, in what we hope will be a series, was one we took to Northern Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska during the summer of 2015. The trip lasted 3-1/2 months and covered about 16,000 km (10,000 miles). This is a compilation of regular messages which we sent to a small email list of contacts, all of which encouraged Rob to publish it in a more formal fashion. At the completion of the trip we were able to add sections not covered in the email messages and include some additional photos with details. A Blog posting of the trip commentary seemed to be the most practical and accessible to the widest number of people, thus that is what follows. It may also be expanded into a book format, including more photos taken along the way. Each section contains a PDF file of the photos together with a running commentary. Should you wish to be included on a list announcing future blogs of RV trips we embark upon, send an email to us from this website.


Rob & Jane Lowe

Click here to go our Travel Blog & Enjoy!



We Have Horst Miracle Probes!

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Horst Miracle Probes that make conventional RV tank monitoring systems read accurately, are now available in quantities! When the original inventor shuttered his company, it looked like these wonderful little probes would disappear. However, they are back into production with a new company and RV Parts Plus is fortunate to be one of the first sources for them. We order them in bulk just as innovative RV Makers that use these probes do. By eliminating the fancy display packing we can supply them to you in a cost effective fashion. We not only provide a copy of the manufacturer's packaging, we also provide links to our website and much more comprehensive installation instructions.  These are provided in a PDF file for download from our website and we enclose a copy with all orders.

So if you have a RV with in-tank sensors, either the screw type attached to a "spin molded into the tank" sensor or the original "well nut" style with a couple of nuts visible at the tank connection, these Horst Miracle Probes will provide accurate tank level readings. Check out our TechTips #57, #58 and #59 for more information on these great little devices. Place your order under the Product Tab in the Accessories Section. Check them out today!

The ABC's of L.E.D.s is Now Available!

Posted on Jan 3, 2015

We are happy to announce that our latest book has just been published and is now available. This book,  The ABCs of L.E.D.s has been published as an E-Book, to allow it to be kept current in this ever-changing RV world. You can read it, downloaded as a PDF file, on almost every reader, computer or smartphone with the proper App. The ABCs of L.E.D.s is written in an easy to understand format. It begins by explaining what L.E.D.s are, why they are becoming popular in RVs, the various light colours available along with many other important features and benefits. Not only is there a great overview of the replacement options, there are many pages devoted to explaining how to make the conversion. Over 40 photos in 70 pages contribute to making this world's first book on the topic a trailblazer. Check out our Blog for the Preview Link and the link to purchase and download it.

RVing FuseSwitch-TM Installation on 2014 Chev. Malibu

Posted on Apr 20, 2014

Check out the installation instructions and photos of the installation of a RVing FuseSwitchTm in a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu. This instruction sheet is unique, since it includes the complete information in one area. Prior to this, we provided the photos in one document and in second we provided the instructions.
This new format is easier to use, can be reviewed online as the RVing FuseSwitchTm is being installed, or printed and referred to. There are two separate installation processes depending upon whether the car has a keyless ignition or not. Installation may require one double RVing FuseSwitchTm (keyless ignition) or two with a conventional keyed ignition. The mounting location is easy to find, yet not visible to the uninformed due to its location in the compartment in front of the fuse panel to the left of the steering column. Check it out and consider a 2014 Malibu as an excellent tow car.

Rotary LED Dimmer's Now Available

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

We are pleased to announce that RV Parts Plus can supply Rotary Dimmers designed to properly dim LED lighting circuits that contain "dimmable" LED replacement bulbs. This rotary dimmer replaces the typical Original Equipment Dimmer (which do not properly dim LED's) with one that does. They are available in Brown, White and Black versions and provide linear dimming of lighting circuits with LED's. Since LED Replacement bulbs operate over a wide voltage range, the original equipment dimmer which varies the voltage does not provide proper dimming. These replacements are use electronic controls to dim the bulbs and are very effective in providing linear dimming from bright to low. These Rotary Dimmers join the Rectangular versions we offer in the same color choices.  

Rob's Blog Focuses on Battery & Charging Issues

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

In an attempt to assist RVers who are experiencing "Dead" Batteries or lack of charging of either the Chassis/Starting or Coach/House batteries, Rob has presented in his recent Blog postings an overview of how many motorhome charging and battery systems interact and some of the issues surrounding why they may not function correctly. This explanation covers both the charging of the batteries while driving as well as when parked and plugged into Shore power or using a generator.   The explanation is somewhat generic however it will provide a basis for many to better understand and possibly trouble shoot a "dead" battery situation. Some Case Studies are presented that detail the problem and how they were solved with the hope that by reading the Blog you will be able to deal with a similar problem.  Let us now if you found this series helpful!

LED Fluorescent Bulb Replacement

Posted on Sep 4, 2013

RV Parts Plus is pleased to introduce Gold Star LED replacement tubes for Fluorescent tubes found in RV's. These simply fit into the existing fixture and are wired by means of supplied connectors into the fixture after disconnecting the fixture's ballast that is no longer needed. If the RVer wishes to only replace one of the tubes, this is a possibility, however the other tube must be removed, since it will no longer operate. In addition that side of the fixture will not have any light. This method my be an option in over kitchen counter applications where the fixture is not visible. The 18" tubes can be rotated while mounted in the fixture to direct the light better. Again in applications where the fixture is under a counter and the light needs to be projected forward to cover more of the counter, this LED replacement tube allows you to do this.   For a selection of LED Replacement Bulbs click on our Products Page, then LED Lighting to see our selection. For the TechTips on Fluorescent Bulb Replacement check out #75 and #76 or search out Blog.

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