RV Parts Plus has in its DNA, a focus on assisting RV Owners. As owners of motorhomes for over 30 years, we are active in the RV lifestyle. We do our best to assist with knowledgeable advice and products. In fact, the business grew from assisting other RVers in the local chapter of our Bounder RV club. Our owner, Rob Lowe realized early on that not only could he provide advice and assistance, but that there was a shortage of reasonably priced options for parts and accessories in Canada. This was especially true when the currency exchange rate was factored into the equation. With a premium of over 40% at the time, buying direct allowed him to substantially reduce prices by cutting out the middleman. RV Parts Plus stays true to that maxim to this day, while recognizing that good customer service is not free.

As time went on, Rob prepared Tech Tip articles which were published in the Chapter newsletter. Their popularity grew and Rob was asked to be the Technical Editor for the National Bounders of America Bi-monthly Newsletter. He even edited that newsletter for a few years. After a short time he posted all of the articles online on the RV-Parts Plus website and began to offer the products on the "new” Internet website. These Tech Tip Articles are now published in the Bounders of America 'Bounder Beacon', the Bounders United 'Bounder Sounder' as well as the American Coach Association glossy newsletter and other club newsletters..

He and his wife attend numerous RV Rallies to gain more knowledge and access quality products that he added to the company website. He also is a featured seminar leader providing seminars designed to increase the listener's knowledge and understanding of their RV.  In the early days flat towing of a vehicle was rarely done, although occasionally tow dollies were employed to allow a vehicle to be taken along. As time progressed, first flat towing systems were introduced and then braking systems were required. RV Parts Plus developed a following of RVers who chose systems based on the knowledge they gained from Rob and his TechTips. Today Towing and Braking Systems are but one section of our business.

In addition, RV maintenance and safety products have always been important. As an Inventor and Innovator, Rob responded to safety and customer demand with simple products such as a Front Mounted Turn Signal Kits, Headlight "ON” and Signal "Reminder” Beeper Kits, and a Towing Bike Rack to allow the RVer to take along bicycles while flat towing a vehicle. To solve an irritating task of removing and reinstalling fuses when towing a vehicle, Rob introduced the RVing FuseSwitch™  which allows the RVer towing a vehicle that requires fuses to be removed, to simply flip a switch and remove the fuse from the circuit. RVers were (and are) thrilled with this simple, safe method of removing (and re-installing) one, two or three fuses as required by some tow car makers.

So back to the question: "Why Choose RV Parts Plus?”  Because we…

  • "Go RVing” 
  • Provide Great Products that make RVing Safe, Easy and More Enjoyable
  • Have Competitively pricing
  • Understand RVing in a way that few online and parts counter staff do.

Put our years of experience to work for you, knowing that safety and knowledge of those assisting you will help you make informed decisions. Of course, as a co-author of a best-selling book on RVing and the Tech Editor for a leading RV Maker’s Maintenance Manual, having Rob along for the ride makes RVing even more fun. His 2015 eBook "The ABCs of  L.E.D.s" has made understanding the conversion of incandescent bulbs to L.E.D. easy and provides many hints to make the process simple.  Catch one of his seminars at RV Rallies if you can! For even more information about changes in the RV business check out our Blogs. For the technical explanations check out Rob's Blogs in which he presents information about particularly interesting topics. Recent articles address the potential for Electric Vehicles (EV) and how to look for one that is able to be towed. As this new technology advances continue to check back for more information. The other Blog is a Travel Blog. If you have never been to the Yukon, Alaska or northern British Columbia, then the information in the Travel Blog will be informative. Enjoy reading our Blog, Technical Tips, check out our Products and Go RVing!  

Recently, we have had to make the difficult decision to no longer sell any third-party products. We are winding down our inventory and while we will continue to supply RVing FuseSwitches(TM)  , we will not be carrying any other products. Our Technical Tips and Blog articles will remain online and available. If you have a specific RV related question, either email or call us and we'll try to answer it. While it is difficult to have to make this decision, for many reasons it is the best one for us at this stage in life.